Our firm has a long history of advising and representing businesses and individuals on any employment related matters.

Our team provides incisive legal advice and pragmatic solutions on employment law matters arising g from business transfers. Our team members have years of expertise in drafting of all relevant documents, notices and agreements and often provide advice on the employer’s obligations and the employees’ rights.

Employment contracts and other employment related documents which regulate the rights and obligations of the employer and the employees, are vital to businesses and often presents one of the main ingredients to success.

Our team delivers quality legal advice on every aspect of the employer and employee relationship and assists in the preparation of employment contracts, top manager’s contracts, confidentiality agreements, deeds of release, policies and procedures, restrictive covenants, settlement agreements and termination, warning notices and other employment related documents.

At A.I. Kitsios each case is treated as a unique legal matter and our members have the expertise necessary to advise and pursue each client’s rights. Our lawyers are committed to finding solutions in any employment dispute that may arise between employers and employees.

Our team often appears before the Court, for cases relating to redundancies, restrictive covenants, unfair dismissals, discrimination at work and breaches of the local employment law.

Relocation of employees between jurisdictions comes with numerous legal, tax, social security, and immigration issues. Our team provides advice and full support to international businesses on the proper design and implementation of the relocation of their employees, ensuring compliance with local legislation

At A.I. Kitsios LLC, we provide consultation and guidance on collective redundancies of employees, as well as on any employment related matters, arising during the process of businesses restructuring.