Financial Crime

Our highly experienced advocates act for local and international companies, as well as individuals, including directors and HNWI during investigations and prosecution by competent authorities on matters relating to white-collar crime such as bribery, corruption, fraud, insider trading, market abuse, and money laundering.

We represent and advise clients during all stages of the criminal defence process, from arrest, detention, conducting internal investigations, through to representing clients during criminal trials.

The investigation of bribery and corruption is high on the agendas of competent authorities around the world. Our advocates have a long track record of defending and advising clients in bribery and corruption cases.

Our considerable experience in high-profile and complex cases of bribery and corruption has proved valuable in advising individuals and corporations during investigations and trials and providing them with expert advice and solutions regarding such offences.

Our team represents corporate officials and other high net worth individuals on extradition requests from foreign authorities relating to pending criminal proceedings abroad, or offences for which they have been convicted of, such as bribery and corruption, fraud, money laundering, insider dealing, market manipulation and abuse and other serious offences.

Our lawyers possess a wealth of experience in the following proceedings:

  • Defending extradition requests
  • Securing bail until the decision on extradition requests or during appellate proceedings is handed down
  • Defending accused on appellate proceedings regarding extradition decisions
  • Applying for habeas corpus or other prerogative orders by the Supreme Court where necessary
  • Advise clients on whether alleged misconduct might trigger an extradition request

Our firm is a leader in defending clients against charges relating to fraud, including tax fraud. We are regularly instructed to defend suspects and accused in high-profile, high-value and complex cases of fraud. We have valuable experience and expertise in all kinds and levels of corporate, financial and commercial crime.

Not only do our lawyers assist and advise clients during investigations/inquiries initiated by competent authorities or the police, they also represent clients before criminal courts up to appellate proceedings.

Governments and their competent authorities around the world have increasingly focused their investigations on the legitimacy of the activities of credit institutions, financial entities and corporations or their senior officers, directors, and other advisors.

A.I.Kitsios LLC has an impressive track record in providing expert advice to individuals and corporations who either find themselves under investigation, or are seeking to minimize their risks under the applicable law.

We regularly advise Credit Institutions, Investment Firms, Brokers, Market Makers and other entities or individuals in the investment and capital markets sectors and represent those entities or their officials and employees on any charges or investigations commenced by the CySEC, the Central Bank of Cyprus, MOKAS or the Police.

By reason of our understanding of different commercial and financial markets, we are in position to advice and defend suspects and accused corporations or individuals on money laundering, insider dealing, market manipulation and abuse, both during investigations and criminal proceedings.