IP, Data and Technology


At A.I. Kitsios LLC, we understand the critical value of clients’ IP rights. IP rights form an essential part of branding, which sets businesses apart from their competitors. Our firm has significant experience in assisting clients on any matter regarding the creation, management, commercialisation and protection of IP rights and represent businesses in any IP dispute to enforce or defend your IP rights and brand.

A.I. Kitsios provides advice and support to businesses on the creation and registration of IP rights, including trademarks, designs and patents, as well as on the protection of other IP rights which are not registrable.

Another important part of our service is the strategic advice we provide to clients on the commercialisation and exploitation of IP assets, but also on the attractive and tax efficient Cyprus IP Regime which makes Cyprus an ideal location for businesses to establish an IP holding and development company.

We recognise that protecting and exploiting IP rights is of paramount importance to every corporation. Our expertise, long-term commitment, and ability to find creative solutions in all aspects of Intellectual Property allows us to form solid agreements reflecting the client’s needs. Our team drafts and reviews IP related agreements, which include:

  • Assignment of IP
  • Brand and Trademark licensing arrangements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Copyright related agreements
  • Distribution and Franchise agreements
  • Research and Development and Collaboration agreements
  • Software development
  • Software licencing
  • Technology licencing

A.I. Kitsios LLC advises and represents businesses in IP disputes. Our team of experts has experience in asserting claims and applying for injunctions against infringers, as well as in defending claims of infringement involving patents, trademarks, passing-off, domain names, designs, database rights, copyrights and misappropriation of trade and business secrets.

Our team of experts represents clients in numerous cases involving IP disputes before the Court as well as the Administrative Court for matters relating to the review of decisions of the Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property.

Our team has the expertise to deliver valuable advice to businesses regarding any IP matters arising from corporate transactions, which includes IP due diligence, drafting and reviewing
transaction documents, the transferring of IP rights and the tax perspective of such arrangements.


Businesses regularly collect, store and use personal data of customers, employees and other stakeholders. Since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) came into force, competent authorities across the EU have initiated investigations to ensure companies remain compliant with their regulatory obligations. The GDPR applies throughout the EEA, but can also apply to non-EEA organisations. Whether your business is a controller or a processor in Cyprus or abroad, our team of experts is here to provide a wide range of key GDPR and Data Protection legal advice and services on any matters relating to personal data compliance obligations. In cases of any data breach our litigation team, has the expertise to represent clients before the Competent Authority and the Cyprus Courts.

Since the GDPR came into force, compliance with its provisions and the local legislation on personal data have become of unprecedented significance, leading processors and controllers of personal data resort to professionals to secure compliance with the Regulation.

A.I. Kitsios LLC offers a complete range of services with respect to GDPR and Data Protection, which includes:

  • Advising on all aspects relating to personal data protection legal framework.
  • Performing GAP analysis.
  • Advising on, performing, or reviewing Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).
  • Advising clients/corporations on their personal data legislation compliance and obligations.
  • Reviewing compliance with personal data legislation within the organization/corporation.
  • Drafting and filing any complaints to the Commissioner for any infringement of personal data rules.
  • Drafting or reviewing privacy policies and Data Processing Agreements.

Since fines imposed by competent authorities for non-compliance with personal data rules have become heftier than ever, the need to challenge decisions by competent authorities has also soared sharply.

Our advocates, have significant experience working with clients on the following matters:

  • Filing complaints for infringement of personal data rules to the Commissioner.
  • Representing and advising clients during inquiries or investigations commenced by the Commissioner.
  • Representing clients before the Commissioner, the Administrative Court, and the Supreme Court to challenge any decision for breach of personal data legislation.
  • Filing actions for damages inflicted by infringement of personal data rules.


Technology continues to advance, giving rise to new legal challenges. At A.I. Kitsios LLC, we have the knowledge and expertise to identify emerging legal trends in the tech industry, and this enables us to provide practical and innovative solutions to tech companies and organisations relying on technology. Our firm provides strategic and innovative advice and integrated solutions to entrepreneurs, start-ups and other businesses in the tech sector regarding the development, procurement, protection and exploitation of the technology they use. Our dedicated team draws on the support of specialist legal expertise across the following technology related matters: